Merging Classical Training and Holistic Care

About Us

Dedicated Educators


Lauren Vaughn has over a decade of experience training horses & riders professionally. She has earned buckles, ribbons and titles in both english and western disciplines. With a background that includes Body Work Therapies, she puts the well being of the horse first and foremost. 

While she has experience in several disciplines, she mainly focuses on classical dressage, sport horse, western dressage & working western.

She is currently enrolled in Philippe Karl's   Ecole de Légèreté teachers course.

She has also had material published in 3 nationally distributed magazines.

First-Rate Course Offerings


Our varied experience allows us to create a custom program for riders within many different disciplines and goals. We utilize holistic care, bio-mechanics, classical dressage, working western, gymnastics training, equine psychology, confidence building, liberty work, Doma Vaquera, Working Equitation and more!

Our Mission


At Valkyrie Ranch we believe that a quality equestrian education should be available to everyone. 

Our goal is to create confident & capable riders and healthy, happy, athletic horses. 

We aim to help every rider achieve their horsemanship goals.