Integrative Riding©


 The Integrative Riding© Program  uses a variety of exercises on the ground and while mounted to help the rider improve flexibility, balance, coordination and strength (the boost in confidence is just a bonus!). After a warm up on the ground the rider will work through different exercises on the horse at a halt, walk, trot and canter (if comfortable). They will intentionally challenge their balance and movement patterns to relieve tension in their own bodies and find their center. This will naturally lead to an "effortlessly" correct seat and posture for riding. 

The horse works on a large circle on a lunge line under the control of the trainer; this allows the rider to focus on themselves instead of being distracted by the horse. Lessons in Integrative Riding are approximately 30 minutes; for best results we strongly recommend scheduling several lessons consecutively. Lessons in Integrative Riding are beneficial to all levels of riders but can also be used by the inexperienced horse lover who would like to reconnect with their body while forming a connection with horses at the same time!

Group Package, 4 Sessions $100

Group Sessions (See Schedule) $30 each

Individual Session $40